Empowerment to Employment

Ability Thrift adopts our philosophy of our parent organization, AccessAbility, a Center for Independent Living. We believe that a person's Independence lies with their own belief they can be successful. This programming nurtures self-worth, confidence and empowerment in the Individuals who train for employment, by providing a supportive, competitively paid, industry standard, experience in a real production environment. Our skills trainers work beside our participants with a hands on-hands off approach, finding success together, then Independently, to foster self-realization that work is possible and has value.


Students in High School are in a critical phase of transition, where learning the ropes of life is critical to a smooth and successful transition into adulthood. In today’s world, work experiences during school are far and few between. Many students exit high school without ever stepping foot into employment, often going straight to college, into the workforce or in the case of some students with disabilities, straight to the couch.  


For students with disabilities, paths for high school work experience and internships can be riddled with barriers: transportation, accommodations, scheduling, or sadly, systemic roadblocks. Ability Thrift was designed to jump those hurdles and provide an opportunity utilizing our Mobile Training Station, "Big Benny" bringing new experiences, growth and understanding to their doorstep. By empowering our youth in their new independence, bolstered skills, positive work habits, and employment know-how, we instill confidence in their journey to employment. Preparing them for future job training, work opportunities and career placement services through our agency partners.


This experience is brought to you by the CareerBOOST Expansion Program,
South Carolina State Vocational Rehabilitation